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Carver & Co (Engineers) Ltd have been manufacturing the world renowned Carver Clamp range for over 50 years. These high quality products are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy industrial use and are manufactured at our site in Nuneaton. The range was specifically developed for use in the welding sector and incorporates unique features for this purpose. Carver Clamps are, however also used in other areas such as fabrication, machining and woodworking.

Carver is also the exclusive agent for the UK and Ireland of the Demmeler range of high precision, modular welding tables.

The company began in 1776 in Walsall and remains a family owned business. The business has seen many changes and developments over its long history but the Head Office remains located in the West Midlands area of the UK.

Over the course of the 100 years following its formation, the company moved towards manufacturing metal products and went on to produce munitions during the first World War. It was in 1959 that the first Carver Clamps were produced, which was the first step towards the modern manufacturing business that it is today.

Throughout the past 50 years the business has changed dramatically through product development, acquisitions and formation of the Carver Group of Companies. For example, from the site in Bromsgrove at which Clamps were manufactured, other products produced include Gas and Electric Heating appliances under the Widney and Imperial brands and Electronic control equipment under the Zig brand.

Clamps and associated products are distributed worldwide with distributors located across Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia and China.

The business is part of the Carver Group of companies, manufacturing a wide range of engineering products and HEVAC equipment; a multi-million pound turnover group with manufacturing facilities in the UK and Holland and sales offices throughout Europe and in Canada.

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