Welding Tables

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Welding Tables

  • Economical, Flexible, Patented, Proven!
  • Increased Throughput
  • Improved Quality
  • Cost Saving
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Increased Repeatability
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Innovative 3-D tables and clamping system

The Demmeler Modular welding system has revolutionised fixture construction. Components can be added or adjusted in seconds, with no limits on the sizes or combinations of fixtures. Depending on size, they can handle a complex piping arrangement through to the largest articulated trailer and beyond. Every welding table system piece can be quickly set-up, moved and clamped in any direction for proven core production process reductions of up to 50%. Tables are available in sizes from 1000x1000mm up to 4000 x 2000mm.

The systems come in three sizes, the D16, D22  and the D28. Its individual components are easy to arrange and rearrange in seemingly infinite combinations to suit individual project requirements.

The base tables are five-sided and crafted out of 25mm thick, high tensile strength, low carbon steel. The tables are also ribbed and gusseted for added strength and all sides are milled flat with either 16mm bores on 50mm spacing or 28mm bores on 100mm spacing.

Constant Innovation

Welding Table Bolts

New & Improved Bolts. The cornerstone of the entire system is the patented PC Bolt. (P=Positioning, C=Clamping). New Polygon inserts replace the previous ball bearings giving increased stability and is by far the most versatile and user-friendly PC Bolt.


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3_D Clamping system D16 / D28 3-D clamping system D22 Demmeler Manipulator

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