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Bergsli-Hantek is a supplier of tools and industrial components to the Norwegian industry.

Industrial components / Standard parts

We represent some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers in their fields. We are concerned with details. A small component of an end product is often the detail that is noticed and that distinguishes one end product from another. Therefore, the design and functionality of these components are incredibly important in our eyes. We contribute to increased value creation for our customers by giving our customers their end product the last detail needed to win sales.

We assist industrial designers and designers at an early stage with choosing the right components for the right project. We have dedicated people, who with their good knowledge of our product range in combination with easily available products online, for an easy and fast download to the design program, are a useful and important resource for our customers. The result of this is that our customers save time looking for the right product, which in turn contributes to a more efficient implementation of the design process.


Bedriftsvegen 64, 3735, Skien

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